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     We intend to offer accurate insights into what people in this country think about various contemporary issues and laws in the United States of America.  The results gathered by our polls are instantly available on-line and will graphically illustrate what the majority feels are appropriate stands on issues we want our candidates to hold as their highest priorities.

What's New?
     Please visit the Articles section.  We have a growing collection of great video presntations on the problems our country is facing.  Haven't read our Constitution lately? You'll find the complete text in the articles along with our Declaration of Independence.

Our Chat Forums
     Our discussion forums are open and easy to use.  E-Mail addresses are strictly optional and you may use any name that feels comfortable.  It's your option and well written support of it which is important.  There's a forum for just about anything you feel is worth offering your feelings on.

Our Survey Software
     The programming running behind the site is complied software coded by BIZynet.  The BIZyCart Ecommerce Server's survey options are very sophisticated.  If you change your mind, you can come back and take the survey again and your original answers will be updated.  You can be assured the results reflect only one vote per person.

Our Articles and Editorials
     The articles and editorials we present here come from many sources.  We do not establish what is "right" or "wrong".  We publish issues, not perspectives.  If you see something you don't like, use the chat forum and let people know what your think.  Everyone's opinions are important here.  Somewhere between all of them is the balance that creates good decisions.

Our Sponsors
     Please click the Sponsors link and visit their sites.  These are the people who believe in what we are doing and your visits let them know they are doing the right thing.  Click the Donations link if you would enjoy contributing or sponsoring an article or survey here.

     Our enthusiasm and research capability, using the Internet and other resources, tell us what the American people would like to be informed about.  In addition to our specifically targeted positioning outside the scope of similar websites, we intend to be readable and understandable.  We hope to have TV producers reviewing our site for the purposes of representation on the issues that are most important to our voters.

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